Project Details - Construction

Relocate/Renovate Trailers - Camp MacKall, Fort Bragg, NC


This project prepared an eight-section modular office trailer complex (110’x60’- 6,600sf) for disassembly and relocation. The scope of work included the renovation to both interior and exterior areas of trailers. At the new location, project involved reconnection of multiple utilities including electrical services and water and sewer. 

Repair of Fire Station No. 6, Bldg L-3602 - Fort Bragg, NC



This Project includes civil, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, the restabilization of landscaping, a new sidewalk and signage and signage lighting. A new HVAC system and HVLS fans and plumbing of new drains. There will be a new lighting system in the corridors, power/data systems for the new HVAC.

Design/Build and lnstall JSOC Obstacle Course, Fort Bragg, NC


 An alteration project to existing training facilities at JSOC area, Fort Bragg. The Design-Build project scope of work included the construction of 14 separate physical fitness obstacles integrated into existing physical fitness training area.  

Project & Construction Management of Structural Demolition - City of Pontiac, MI



Demolish privately owned homes condemned by the City of   Pontiac. This project was instrumental in eliminating eyesores throughout the   city and decreasing crime and residential flight. This project consisted of   utility service disconnections, structural and site demolition as well as   final grading of (150) single-family homes in the City of Pontiac. 

Reactor Drain Tank Conversion DTE Energy Monroe Power Plant - Monroe, MI


The scope consisted of welding on a 12’ Dia., 24’ H Stainless Steel, above-ground storage tank; installing over 10 new Stainless Steel raised face nozzles including a 18” roof-mount Roof Vent. Due to the existing conditions, DCR had to scaffold inside and outside the tank, where possible using JLJ lifts. The entire operation was permitted as a confined space and hot work operation requiring proper ventilation.  

JSOC/SOLSE Storage Building, Fort Bragg, NC


DCR was contracted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District to construct a 4,800 SF pre-fabricated metal building for the user, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).  

Project Details - Environmental/Civil

Orphan Mine Site Grand Canyon National Park, AZ


The National Park Service has contracted DCR to revise and finalize an EE/CA Report while considering all technical concerns raised by the Park Service regarding this former uranium mine tailings site and the remediation alternatives and DCR will provide technical expertise for potential environmental litigation and enforcement support, and support for the implementation of any community involvement activities.  

The Jaite Paper Mill CERCLA Technical Support for a Time Critical Removal Action (TCRA)


This National Park Service project includes all technical services and support to design, manage, and install a slope stabilization wall within the Cuyahoga River along the River bank as part of a CERCLA site TCRA. The 550foot slope stabilization wall, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, will significantly reduce human and ecological exposure to the release of hazardous substances as a result of river bank erosion.  

Mold Remediation, Abatement and Ancillary Construction/Renovation Fort Bragg, NC


DCR is one of three contractors for this MATOC contract to perform mold remediation, abatement and building repairs in office buildings, Soldier barracks, and other DPW controlled buildings at Fort Bragg to include Pope Army Airfield, Camp Mackall, Simmons Army Airfield, Airborne Special Operations Museum and Linden Oaks.  

Paper Mill Site History Review, CERCLA Investigation/Remediation Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH


DCR is the site cleanup lead experts investigating metals, SVOCs, VOCs, PCBs, pesticides, asbestos, and dioxins in a glacial fluvial groundwater discharge zone. Based on review of historical investigations and remediation efforts, DCR designed and implemented a site-wide CERCLA investigation to assess contaminant transport pathways, nature and extent, and human health and ecological risks for National Park Service.