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The DCR team has over 300+ years’ combined experience in construction and environmental consulting & remediation including Federal Government contracting, awarded contracts with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, General Services Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, National Park Service, DPW-Fort Bragg, MICC-Fort Bragg, MICC-Fort McCoy.
DCR is experienced in vertical and horizontal construction, facilities renovation, design-build project requirements. Our team has a proven record of successful project delivery focused on:
• Proactive Communication and Client Service
• Budget and Cost Control
• Scheduling
• Safety
• Quality
• Best-in-Class Service

Construction Management

Design-Build delivery is the cohesive working of architects, engineers and contractors engaged together to deliver cost-effective, innovative projects to our customers. A streamlined delivery via a single contract between the owner and the design-build team, this simple, yet fundamental, method saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into a collaborative alliance.

Design-Build Services

DCR provides specialty environmental services for complex integrated projects throughout the United States and internationally. Our primary strength is our site investigation and remediation design and implementation capabilities at multifaceted sites. Additionally, we provide expert review and interpretation of environmental site data to explain contaminant migration and recommend remediation alternatives.

Environmental Consulting & Remediation

DCR has teamed with Lane Valente Industries, the leading EV charging installer across the U.S. and Kimley-Horn, the leading consultant for deploying EV infrastructure, to support the design-build and installation of electric vehicle charging systems for federal, state, county and local government facilities, offices, garages, etc. We offer turnkey solutions to simplify the installation process and a wide range of manufacturers to choose from.

EV Charging

DCR has over 15 years of experience in the construction renovation & repair industry. DCR provides Facility Renovation & Repair services managing the modification of any existing structure. We have the expertise and knowledge to develop and execute the processes identified to improve or modernize old, damaged or defective building structures and waterlines.

Facility Renovation & Repair

Self-performance promotes lower overall costs of the contract and reduces scheduled completion times by limiting the amount of subcontracting required. DCR is able to deliver value in large part due to our self-perform trades and ability to complete work with our own forces. DCR offers a group of highly skilled tradesman performing Painting, Carpentry and Flooring. Our Self-Perform group consistently provides on-time delivery, enhancing the outcome of every project we participate on.


Our projects

DCR provides high-quality services on all of our projects. We have recently been awarded

the following contracts:

• GSA, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Installation IDIQ, Zones C and D

• BLM, Federal Orphaned Wells Program – Support Services IDIQ

Some of our other projects include:

Project #1: Booker T. Dozier Recreation Center Interior Renovations
Location: Inkster, Michigan
Client: Wayne County
Project Overview:
• 2,835 square foot recreation center
• Renovation within an occupied space
• Renovation of lower hallway, vestibule, and men and women's locker rooms
• Upgrades included new flooring painting, lighting, ceiling, plumbing upgrades and restroom partitions
Booker T. Dozier Recreation
Inkster, Michigan
Project #2: SOF New Truck Inspection Point
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wilmington/JSOC
Project Overview:
• New asphalt access road with striping and signage, concrete paving beneath a pre-engineered canopy, asphalt parking spaces, concrete sidewalk
• Installation of new temporary and permanent security fencing and gates, signage, a cable-type restraint system.
SOF New Truck
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Project #3: Inkster Pine Park Greenhouse Facility
Location: Inkster, Michigan
Client: Gulf Shore Holdings, LLC
Project Overview:
• 72,000 sq. ft. Marijuana Grow And Processing Facility
• 52,000 square feet of hybrid greenhouse space
• 20,000 square feet of indoor cultivation and processing space
• Front-end offices, locker-rooms, break-room, and multi-purpose rooms
Inkster Pine Park
Inkster, Michigan
Project #4: Jaite Paper Mill CERCLA Site, CERCLA TCRA Services
Location: Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
Client: National Park Service
Project Overview:
• Design-Build construction of a 510 feet long engineered bank stabilization wall designed to reduce bank erosion along a stretch of the Cuyahoga River
• 510 feet-long wall consisted of an eight-feet deep by three-feet wide key way backfilled with riprap
Jaite Paper Mill CERCLA Site,
Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
Project #5: FY20 Marine Reserve VMF Renovations - Building 541 Renovation, Youngstown Air Reserve Station
Location: Vienna, Ohio
Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Charleston District
Project Overview:
• Design and construction for the complete 5,500 sq. ft. renovation of the Marine Reserve VMF – Building 541
• Houses and supports the Detachment 3, Maintenance Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 453, Combat Logistics Regiment 4, 4th Marine Logistics Group, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.
FY20 Marine Reserve VMF Renovations
Vienna, Ohio
Project #6: Repair Waterline at NV008 Sloan USARC
Location: Sloan, Nevada
Client: U.S. Army Reserve MICC-Fort McCoy
Project Overview:
• Design, engineering and installation of a new water line and repair existing water line at NV008.
• Separate domestic waterline from the fire suppression system. By installing approximately 3500 feet of 4 inch type K copper pipe.
Repair Waterline
Sloan, Nevada

We are one of the best environmental consulting and remediation companies in the United States

We have more than 70 years combined experience providing 1:1 customer service. We are a hands-on team working directly with the client providing real-time solutions using cost effective measures.

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We have more than 300+ years combined experience providing 1:1 customer service. We are a hands-on team working directly with the client providing real-time solutions using cost effective measures.

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We are focused on providing high quality customer service
“The overall management, cost control, schedule, and quality of the project was “Exceptional” Because of DCRs management the project was a complete success and the public and the environment are fully protected.” Our firm has a record of achieving CCASS ratings to evidence a high level of client satisfaction with our performance, with more than 78% of DCR’s ratings at “Above Average” or “Outstanding”.
Jaite Paper Mill CERCLA Site
Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio



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