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40 years Experience in Construction and Environmental Remediation & Consulting
Providing High Quality Services15 years Experience in Construction and Environmental Consulting & Remediation Providing High Quality Services

DCR Services & Construction, Inc.

DCR Services & Construction, Inc. (DCR) is a company built on a infrastructure of quality and commitment. We are a military certified contractor with design build experience in vertical and horizontal construction. Our services at DCR also includes environmental expert technical services anywhere in the United State. We provide services supporting the environmental cleanup, site testing and excavation, data collection and data interpretation to manage the migration of contamination in the environment. At DCR we understand the need for experienced experts to oversee and manage projects. Thats why we provide consulting services ranging from integration, full discipline, and architecture to providing a team of engineers.

Dwight Belyue
Dwight Belyue

DCR Services & Construction, Inc.

OUR VISION: Restore and build a sustainable world for generations to come.

Construction Management Team

Meet the DCR Services & Construction, Inc. executive team. We build teams within the communities we work.

Detroit, Michigan
40 years of experience

VP Environmental Services
Vermont & Arizona
36 years of experience
Senior Project Manager Environmental Services
Phoenix, Arizona
35 years of experience

Senior Project Manager Construction
Detroit, Michigan
30 years of experience

Director Business Development and Marketing
Detroit, Michigan
28 years of experience

Project Manager Environmental Services
Detroit, Michigan
10 years of experience

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